Thursday, September 6, 2012

The idea of sales of the day...

It's always a question on how to promote one's shop and get the most traffic.  One of the Etsy teams I belong to, Promoting Creative Friends, tries just about everything to promote it's team members and help to increase sales levels. 

This week, a couple of the shops have started "Sales of the Day" in which we fairly heavily discount an item each day for a period of one day.  Do deals like this encourage you to check out a new shop?  Yesterday was the first day of the promotion and I puchased an item from one of the shops with a great deal.  Here's today's item from my shop Pink and Black "love in many fonts" card.  The paper used in creating this card is my own custom paper which I call "Love in Many Fonts".
Today's photo is one of our lake - Windy Lake - during a late summer sunset a few years ago.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'm finally making the leap to blogging!  September 1st - a great day for new beginnings as fall approaches, the leaves start turning and the mornings are cooler (not today though!).  It's Labour Day weekend here in Ontario and on Tuesday the streets will be full of children on their way to a new year of school and learning.

I'm planning to use my blog to highlight some of the new designs in my shop and show off some of the photos that I've been taking.  I'd also like to hear from you and I'll also be featuring other shops that I think the world needs to know about!   

I took this photo recently at our cottage north of Sudbury.  It's a hummingbird or hawk moth as he's approaching the last remnants of a brightly coloured bee balm flower.  This gal (or fellow) has been hanging around the cottage all summer - and been the subject of many of my photo attempts!